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Tax Management and Tax Accounting

MersinCPA provides tax management service in Turkey according to the clients' tax obligations in accordance with the Turkish Tax System. Financial legal documents of clients are examined under taxation law in Turkey. By providing tax advisory services in Turkey, solutions are offered to meet any financial obligation that has been observed during such audit, as well as any possible tax risk that are anticipated.

As an accounting firm, our company’s services allow our clients to act freely by managing their VAT, corporate tax and income tax obligations to ensure that they are the good standing within the government at all times.

According to our business mentality, while serving our clients as a tax advisor in Turkey, we aim to approach tax issues professionally by understanding our clients’ tax obligations.

  • VAT Advisory, VAT Return, VAT Refund
  • Corporate Tax Advisory, Corporate Tax Return
  • Income Tax Advisory, Income Tax Return
  • Tax Agreement
  • Tax Advisory for Foreigners
  • Tax Exemptions and Exception Consultancy
  • Tax Dispute Resolution Advisory

Payroll Management

Payroll Service
Outsource Payroll
MersinCPA specializes in providing outsource payroll services in Turkey. We offer payroll and payroll related services, plus oversee social security operations in Turkey. We also offer payroll, social security and withholding tax services for the expatriate staff of foreign investors.

Payroll Services
Registration of new employee and related information

  • Payroll calculation, including all details
  • Monthly submission of payroll sheets
  • To inform client of tax withholding and social security payments
  • Communicate to official authorities for any relevant changes to employee’s status
  • Consultancy service regarding issues employment procedures
  • Preparation of legal reports for official authorities
  • Deregistration of employee
  • Payroll elements
    Employee Deductions

  • Social Security Insurance Deduction
  • Social Security Insurance Unemployment Deduction
  • Income Tax
  • Stamp Tax
  • Employer Deductions

  • Social Security Insurance Deduction
  • Social Security Insurance Unemployment Deduction
  • Calculation of Net Salary
  • Gross Salary (Total Employee Deduction + Income Tax + Stamp Tax)
  • Consulting

    Consultancy Services for the Foreign Companies
    At times individual responsibilities can take precedent over the common goal of the company. A team can be full of high performers while the performance of the team lags behind. Our firm, MersinCPA, provides an external point of view to help our clients calibrate the many individual driving forces and responsibilities within an organization with the overall strategy and objectives of the company. Our focus is to locate and identify areas of inefficiencies and opportunities, and develop methods to maximize the performance of our clients’ operations.
    We work with both domestic firms who are looking for investment partners as well as foreign firms trying to enter the Turkish market through acquisition or capital investments.
    Foreign companies often experience difficulties implementing their systems of operation when starting commercial activity in Turkey. The clash of business cultures requires a unique combination between the successful systems trying to be implemented and the realities of the Turkish business environment. We work with our clients to help develop realistic solutions to such issues.


    International Compliance Audit
    We understand the need for our clients to have streamlined accounting procedures not only in Turkey, but throughout the world. We verify that our clients are compliant with all international accounting standards, including IFRS and IAS and specified formats. IFRS adoption implementation is beneficial for investors and entrepreneurs' financial statements, by reducing the costs of comparing alternative investments and increasing the quality of information. As a auditing firm we offer financial reporting to our clients in accordance with IFRS.
    International Independent Auditing
    We provide third-party independent auditing in Turkey to assist the primary accounting firm as well as provide an additional set of eyes to ensure compliance and fulfill internal risk management requirements. International Independent Auditing ensures financial statements are entirely accurate.

  • Internal Audit
  • Compliance with IFRS
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