» Finance Rapid Assessment

Across the Finance domain this service provides our clients with a diagnostic of its finance processes, including both quantitative (performance metrics) and qualitative (process maturity assessment) appraisal. We work with our clients to compare current performance with leading practice.

Value Proposition

  • Performing the diagnostic allows clients to get a cross-functional view of their financial processes to enable effective benchmarking, goal setting, and the development of an improvement business case.
  • Leveraging experienced MCPA resources allows rapid identification of the main improvement areas and a prioritization of improvements that can affect key areas for the business.

» Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation is a change and improvement program addressing multiple processes within the client’s finance function.

Value Proposition

  • Leveraging MCPA advisory skills and experience can help clients to transform their finance function and associated processes in relation to profitability, efficiency and achievement of strategic goals.
  • Working with MCPA helps a client to overcome these challenges by leveraging leading practices and business insight in its industry

» Finance Process Efficiency

The Service of Finance Process Efficiency is an improvement project of limited scope aimed at specific financial processes needing review, redesign and sustainable improvement. Services may include assessment, design and implementation support for improvements in the finance function, finance systems effectiveness and related operational processes and systems/applications and associated controls.

Value Proposition

MCPA can help a client overcome process deficiencies and realize sustainable performance improvements by leveraging leading practices and business insight in its industry.

MCPA has experience with complex finance improvement projects and is independent and unbiased.

» Finance Business Performance Management

In the delivery of Business Performance Management services, MCPA assists clients to evaluate the levers of measurable performance improvement and focus on aspects or areas of their performance that are critical to its ongoing success.

Value Proposition

Effective business performance management is not dependent on a particular technology or methodology, MCPA assists clients to develop a strategic capability.

» Enterprise Cost Reduction

Enterprise cost reduction (ECR) is a structured process to assist clients with the execution of enterprise cost reduction programs.

Value Proposition

Enterprise cost reduction (ECR) projects can assist client executives in identifying cost reduction opportunities in the enterprise, key product / service lines and functional areas, prioritizing cost reduction opportunities, and supporting the development, implementation and sustainability of the cost reduction opportunities.

» Finance Shared Service Centers

MCPA assists the client’s development of a shared services strategy and conceptual model. Based on its direction, we assist the client to design, build and implement a shared services operating model leveraging our extensive experiences.

Value Proposition

Proposition Implementing a SSC or the improvement of an existing SCC can help a client CFO balance cost, quality and benefit to the organization. Leveraging MCPA advisory skills and experience assists the client to transform commonly performed finance activities and associated processes in order to improve profitability, efficiency and achievement of strategic goals.

» Cost Management and Profitability Analysis

The Cost Management and Profitability Analysis (CMPA) service assesses the client’s current processes in support of cost and profitability analysis. Based on the assessment, MCPA will assist clients to identify the gaps between their current state and the desired future state vision, and will assist with the design of the future state to close the identified gaps.

Value Proposition

MCPA’s CMPA service is designed to help improve the client’s cost and profitability information and to enhance the CMPA process within its organization.