Supply Chain & Operation

» Supply rapid assessment

Across the Supply Chain domain this service provides our clients with a diagnostic of their supply chain processes, from both quantitative (performance metrics) and qualitative (process maturity assessment) perspectives. We work with our clients to compare current performance with leading practices.

Value Proposition

Leveraging experienced MCPA resources allows rapid identification of the main areas for improvement, and prioritization of improvements that can affect key areas for the business.

» Supply chain transformation

Supply Chain Transformation is a broad-based set of services designed to address change and performance improvement for the client’s supply chain.

Value Proposition

Leveraging MCPA advisory skills and experience can help clients transform their supply chain function and associated processes in relation to profitability, efficiency and their strategic goals.

» Supply Chain process efficiency

Supply Chain Process Efficiency service is the ability to help clients with specific ‘point’ issues.

Supply Chain Process Efficiency service is orientated to MCPA and industry-standard process frameworks and use of externally-available benchmarks.

Value Proposition

The ability to engage subject matter resources for specific topics and areas of improvement identified by the organization or through a rapid assessment

Intense and focused improvement effort to deliver services that will help will improve and sustain specific processes within their supply chain area.

» Supply Chain Global trade efficiency

MCPA focuses on the three competing demands of global trade and by doing so MCPA assists clients to optimize global trade: The three global trade demands are:

1. Emerging market expansion
2. Cost reduction
3. Compliance and risk management

Value Proposition

Global Trade Effectiveness (GTE) assists clients to increase performance in the context of their supply chain operations and cross-border trade flows via GTE initiatives and / or wider transformation of internal global trade capabilities.

» Supply sales and operations planning

Supply Chain Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) is a cross functional planning process supported by a series of meetings that promote alignment, decision making and coordinated action towards achievement of financial budgets and organizational strategy.

Value Proposition

Supply Chain Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) service integrates our knowledge of strategy performance and risk management to help clients improve their operational decision planning process. MCPA’s performance of S&OP service incorporates performance management, management of improvement initiatives and emergent strategy to enhance the basic S&OP process.

» Supply Tax Effective Supply Chain Management

Tax Effective Supply Chain Management (TESCM) MCPA teams assist clients to identify, design and implement potential improvements.

Value Proposition

MCPA’s TESCM service is an end-to-end approach to helping re-define the client’s value chain of a client.

MCPA draws on both tax and business professionals from its global network, which enables engagement teams to leverage processes and approaches utilized in other TESCM projects, to deliver a customized services applicable to the client’s situation.